Doug Parmiter

Front Desk Staff

I walked into the doors of MYK a little lost in life searching for spirituality; however also feeling unsure of what yoga was about. After my first 60 minutes something inside of me spoke out and I immediately joined the energy exchange program. From there i’ve been privileged with the opportunity of working front desk. One of my favorite things about MYK is accessibility; MYK has encouraged me to grow my practice at my own pace, and In doing so have found a great deal of inner peace and space within myself where there once was none.

When i’m not at the studio, I work as a support staff for adults living with intellectual disabilities and am also involved with a street mission that hands out food to some of Winnipeg’s underprivileged population. Im very passionate about social justice and inclusion, belly laughing and authenticity. My hobbies include Art, yoga ( obviously), crossfit, running, busting a move and basically anything outdoors.

Share your best pun with me and ill be your number one fan.